Just Following Orders: Imperatives From Glamour Magazine

EAT yourself smart
EXPRESS your style
DO denim the Rihanna way
GET your red-carpet rocks on
DON'T fear the F Word (that's Failure)
BE a force of beauty
MAKE a healthier version
HAVE a healthy holiday
PACK this
STEP up, DON'T melt down
DON'T overbuy
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GET your tan on!
EXFOLIATE from top to toe
STEAL the show
CHOOSE Portuguese
BRING on a jungle fever
ADD a touch of Hawaii chic
FEEL confident...EAT a healthy breakfast
WEAR loose clothing
DON'T be afraid
HAVE an open mind
COLLECT accessories like seashells
GET smooth-hair free legs
MAKE like an A-Lister
FOLLOW the recipes
COMPLEMENT busy prints with simple sandals
MASTER the refined line
DON'T forget about the important little touches
ROCK summer's hottest evening looks
LIGHT UP your face
TAKE the glow from head to toe
FOCUS on your collarbone
APPLY pale colours
GIVE your bronzer a break
ADD extra glow
GET more beauty for your buck
FILL your bags!
BE a pin-up girl
CREATE the girl next door look
SHOW some leg!
UNCROSS those legs!
START from your feet and move upwards
OPT for a product with cellulite-busting ingredients
BOOK IN for slender cow legs
BE a barefaced beauty
CHANNEL some au-naturel chic
COLLECT all three
TAKE A BREAK from heat styling
HAVE a gorgeous holiday
GET that perfect cabin crew style
ENJOY an exclusive pre-flight treat
WEAR the lighter shade for day
GET beach-ready
TEAM with flats
PRETTY UP your skincare routine
TREAT yourself
RECREATE that smouldering catwalk look
MAKE toning up easier
TAKE the bikini challenge!
DO summer 2012 the Glamour way
LOOK summer gorgeous
DON'T sweat the big stuff
TIDY the edges
USE a waterproof liner
ADD a neutral lip
FOCUS on lips
PREVENT parched ends
SORT your summer skin
DON'T forget your body
STREAMLINE your make-up routine
TRY rainbow nails
GO for colour
SCULPT your body
SMELL like summer
TAN the smart way
GLOSSIFY your limbs
GET bronzed
LIE flat on your back
LIE on your front
STAND with your feet
BEND into a squat
GET beach-glow gorgeous
IMAGINE your morning coffee was free
GET it first, GET it fast
TREAT yourself
DON'T let your hair slow you down this year
DISCOVER the secret to great skin!
SHOW off your curves
KEEP your cool
PADDLE the pretty way
HOLD it. GLAM it.

Glamour: LET me be. STOP bossing me around. BE KIND to women. HIRE better writers. ACKNOWLEDGE our intelligence. IMPROVE your journalism. FEATURE women from ethnic minorities. SACK Louise Mensch. USE non photoshopped images. DON'T dumb down. BE BETTER than you are.