Stock Photos of Scantily Clad Skinny Women Standing on the Bathroom Scales Looking Sad

I was reminded of this one's ubiquity as I came across the first image on the Mail website the other day. Stock photos of scantily clad skinny women standing on the bathroom scales looking sad are probably my least favourite stock photo cliches of all time. Yep, even more than jealous bridesmaids and post-sex remorse. The woman are invariably a.) thin, and b.) either looking bummed out or like 'what the fuck?' Enough. Can we have a moratorium on these pictures like, now? 

(although this lady is more angry than sad, I had to include it for obvious reasons)

(likewise- what the hell is going on here?)

I thought it best to end on a positive note. According to the stock photo website, the title of this picture is 'Accomplishment.' I'll leave you with that thought.