You're Not The Lad Culture Messiah, You're a Very Naughty Boy

Morning, folks. Just in case you woke up this morning feeling unexpectedly chipper, allow me to immediately ruin it by drawing your attention to this festering pile of rape apologist bullshit from yesterday's Telegraph. In it, someone called Jack Rivlin, editor of something called The Tab (which after a quick glance looks like the least fun 'tab' ever, placing as it does FAR behind 'ecstasy' 'my neighbour's cat, described informally', and even 'Shoreditch Tabernacle Baptist church' in terms of preferred leisure activities) disputes the NUS report into 'Lad Culture' and the normalisation of sexual violence, all while being the owner of a particularly annoying foppish fringe, which stares at you moodily from his windswept byline picture like a latter day Heathcliff Linton. Cue low level buzz of irritation from lefties and feminists everywhere.

Now, I'm not going to savage Jack, being as he is a young whippersnapper who has already faced a certain amount of Twitter wrath already. I'm not angry, Jack, just disappointed, which we all know is way worse. You're not the Lad Culture Messiah, you're a very naughty boy.

Rivlin's article reads like the quickly rustled up piece of churnalism it is. Find aspect of report you disagree with? Check. Construct straw woman? Check. Make poorly constructed case with no evidence put forward? Check.

All I have to ask is, why are the Telegraph paying this person, who is clearly not only a doofus but can't construct even a basic piece of comment journalism, when they have just made 81 redundancies?

OK, so Jack's point that sexism happens everywhere (even the SWP!) can stand. But that doesn't ignore the fact that University Lad Culture sexism exists too. I mean, FFS, there are misogynists everywhere, and some of them are homosocial bellends with RP accents. ANYONE WHO'S BEEN TO UNI KNOWS THAT. By saying these shitbags don't exist, Rivlin is like the kid in Peter Pan who doesn't believe in fairies, except no rapists die each time he says it (more's the pity). Oh and also: RAPISTS ARE REAL. So he's not like that AT ALL, the prick. 

So thanks, Jack, for your little contribution to rape culture there. I'm sure if you have any intelligence, you'll realise that being hailed by a Telegraph commenter as 'a breath of fresh air' who 'finally gives men a voice' is a damning indictment of your soul. You don't need me to tell you that.

I hadn't come across you Jack, having been busy with The Vagenda book. I'll be keeping an eye on you from now on, though. Something tells me you'll be the gift that keeps on giving.

God, I missed this.