15 Bad Choices You Can Make This Week

The world is full of tough decisions - and hey, I'm a choice feminist, so I'm not gonna make them for you. But, y'know, I have no qualms in telling you what not to do. So, in case you needed a little guidance this week, I've summarised 15 bad choices you could make that you probably want to avoid:

1. Buying one of these T-shirts

2. Raising your daughter using a pamphlet written and provided by the Conservative government

3. Watching this music video on repeat until you cry

4. Starring in your own porno loosely based upon Girls. Lena Dunham won't like it

5. Choosing your university based upon Student Beans' University Sex League

6. Booking a holiday to Kavos, Malia or Magaluf (Shagaluf)

7. Paying someone to blog your wedding, especially if you're going to complain about "20 photos of the flowers, but only one of my nan"

8. Taking Fox News' advice on feminism

9. Reading magazines that feature articles entitled 'Why Ironing Can Make You Happy'

10. Realising that the Bank of England is getting rid of the only female face on banknotes, and taking it lying down

11. Missing the deadline to apply for a position as the new Doctor Who. Fly the flag for the female doctor, ladybros.

12. Bidding in the new auction to sell off Banksy's Slave Labour mural, possibly the most ironic thing to ever happen to an artistic critique on capitalism

13. Backing Marine Le Pen, who just compared Islamic prayers to Nazi occupations

14. Setting up your own cupcake business

15. Getting into The Lad Bible for a bit of light reading

You have been warned.