Adweek Has Research on When You Feel Most Insecure

In the latest Thing That Makes You Want To Log Off The Internet And Join A Nomadic Community In The Highlands news, Advertising Week has recently published some research (below) on how The Ad People can 'identify the right audience' by pouncing on female consumers when they're at their most insecure. Of course, we always knew that marketeers were manipulating women's insecurities to sell products, but never have we seen it rendered so explicitly. 

'Identifying the right audience is critical for marketers, but pinpointing the right day and time to talk to that audience can be just as important, especially when it comes to a product category as personal as beauty', says the voice of pure, cynical evil. 'PHD surveyed women about when they feel their prettiest and ugliest, and the results have implications for marketers (and really, anyone planning to speak to women on a Monday morning, when they feel their worst).'

Whoever came up with this: please crawl back to your cave in Mordor. The world is sad enough already.