This is Your Last Chance to Go and See Our Feminist Vending Machine

As part of our #imawomanand campaign with Elle and Wieden + Kennedy London, W + K kindly installed an interactive feminist vending machine in the window of their agency. Yes, that's right, an INTERACTIVE FEMINIST VENDING MACHINE. Who knew such a thing existed?

All you need to do is find the window and then tweet at it with the hashtag. It will then print you a sticker (who doesn't bloody love stickers?) containing your statement, which you can either wear or add to the massive apple. This is the last weekend of the installation and your last chance to get the issue of November Elle containing the 'rebranding feminism' project that hundreds of you have been responding to on Twitter and by email. 

We'd like to send out a million, billion thanks to everyone at Elle and W+K who has made this project so much fun and helped us reach and even wider audience of women. You're the business. X

The W+K interactive feminist window can be found near Spitalfields market, just off Brick Lane, on Hanbury Street, London E1. Hopefully see you there